The Body as the Abode

Mit Abbie Galvin

Pre Conference
Im Rahmen der Yoga Conference Germany
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To be well adjusted, one must consciously integrate all three floors of the body. Each floor expresses different parts of the whole, while housing unique information, functions, and efficiencies.
The first floor, our lower body, substantiates us, housing our first nature, our ancestry, our stability, our grounding.
The second floor, our upper body, potentiates us, housing our second nature, our capacity, our competence, our participation.
The third floor, our head, liberates us, housing our vision, our imagination, our antenna, giving us the ability to see all the way around ourselves.

This workshop will be spent building the body from the ground up, so as to build a good container (abode) that holds up, measures up and points up. Through structural articulation, hands on adjustments and theoretical analysis, we will begin to understand how we can use our form as a functional tool, to hold the elixir of our essence. Suitable for teachers and practitioners alike, this workshop will provide an exploration into the three floors of the body and how to consciously integrate them to best embody the whole; teaching us how to build the cathedral, to house the spirit.


10:00 - 12:30 und 14:00 - 17:30 Uhr


Fr. 31. Mai. 2019