Mit Melayne Shayne & Cameron Shayne

Join Movement Athletes Cameron and Melayne Shayne for a deep exploration of hip, spine and shoulder mobility.

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Cameron Shayne, the Father of Mixed Movement Arts and his wife Melayne Shayne have been shaping and innovating the movement culture over the past decades and traveling the world sharing their work and system.
Connecting the pelvic and shoulder girdles by awakening the spine is the foundational work for agile, dexterous, and integrated movement patterns. In this workshop we will learn the anatomy of movement as a quadrupedal animal through a variety of animal locomotion, martial arts, yogic transitions and flexibility techniques that will change the way you understand movement and possibilities to apply the learned movement patterns into your BJJ game.

Sa. 26. Sep. 2020
14:45 - 17:15

55,- €