At Home with Yoga: Organising your practice around your body

Mit Dwayne Holliday

Part 1 Asanas in Action // Part 2 Mobilisation and Articulation // Part 3 Hand Balances, Head, Forearm, and Hand Stand​

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At home with yoga is a series of at home workshop classes that will help you to better understand what you are doing when you do that thing (yoga) you love to do. Allow Dwayne Holliday, dancer, choreographer and lifelong yogi to share the tools, principles, and love for movement that will unquestionably support the development of your practice from the ground floor to the maisonette.

This three part video workshop begins with exploring how to direct physical energy into basic asanas so that they don't just make you sweat, but also make sense. The second part explores various movement articulation and body awareness exercises, to have you warm, woke and ready for a detailed journey into the third part: various hand balances and inversions. At Home with Yoga is about developing tools for feeling at home in your body, even when climbing out onto your roof.

Die Videos sind auf deutsch. Der Workshop ist nach dem Kauf für 108 Tage deins. Du kannst in dieser Zeit sooft auf den Workshop zugreifen, wie du möchtest. Für den Kauf wirst du auf unser Streaming-Portal Namastream ( weitergeleitet. Dort findest du nach dem Kauf den Workshop (und die Rechnung) in deinem Account.

Di. 30. Nov. 2021 - Mi. 30. Mär. 2022

69,- €