A Universe in Movement.

Mit Dwayne Holliday

Movement is the language of the universe.
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Movement is a universal constant. Celestial bodies, sub atomic wave-particle and life forms of all types exist in motion. Movement is the language of the universe. To speak it is to learn to surrender to the forces of motion, to learn to speak our mother tongue. There is an intelligence in our bodies, that understands this language. It speaks in curves and circles. It pushes and pulls with gravity and it manifests in surprising and subtle connections and actions in the body. It is a language of balance and direction, where listening is as powerful as speaking.

“A Universe in motion” is a two day workshop on approaching asana practices as a poetics of motion, harnessing and being carried away by our capacity for movement. We will utilise a hands on approach to tune into our bodies and learn to speak movement more fluently. The goal is a transformation in the quality of our asana practice, physically and spiritually. Vague ideas such as sensing and focusing energy directions will be translated into clear and concrete tools, using images, functional anatomy, clearly explained principles, hands on partnering work, various breathing techniques and a heart-full and systematic approach that engulfs the spiritual and the practical.

We will apply physically, concepts gathered from disparate sources and movement traditions to better understand both the underlying actions in our asana practice as well as the meta levels upon which they work spiritually and psychologically. We will share the joy and freedom that learning this stance towards movement brings. Speaking movement is inherent in the universal condition, learning to speak adeptly is a great journey, an undertaking of universal measure.

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Jeweils 12:45 - 15:45 Uhr

Sa. 11. Mai. 2019 - So. 12. Mai. 2019

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Sa. 11. Mai. 2019
12:45 - 15:45

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So. 12. Mai. 2019
12:45 - 15:45

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