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Mit Meghan Currie & Ava Taylor

Meghan Currie – Infinite doorways  & Ava Taylor – The Catalyst: business building intensive
Im Rahmen der Yoga Conference Germany

Meghan Currie - Infinite doorways.

Our moments, as they come, are our greatest guides, infusing us with the potency we require for our next stage of growth, to reach our highest potential, and fulfill our most beautiful dreams.
Sometimes our moments are intense, sharp, scary, uncomfortable; we tend to want to run from them. But this is where the magic lives! Just beyond fear, lies the doorway to our highest potential and true freedom. Life offers up challenges, as initiations, that are the passage-ways pulling us trough the lessons that strengthen and guide us towards our highest vision. this is how we heal, open, harmonize and unlock to mobilize our true potential.

Often we are too busy to take moments to nourish ourselves, to truly listen and connect with the silence beneath the noise.
This class will take you there. Inside. Gifting you moments to pause and listen and allow deep processing, integration and growth to take place.

Treat yourself to 2,5 hours of deep play and soothing surrender that will be revitalizing to the core. We will explore opening the body trough the deepest kind of listening. We will learn how by not forcing a posture we allow ourselves to be instead taken by it, and the inner doorways to swing open for us to glide trough to the next layer of mystery.

Opening doorways of the Hips and heart.


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10:00 – 12:30 Uhr


Ava Taylor – The Catalyst: business building intensive

When you are busy working IN your business on a day-to-day basis, it is often difficult to make time to work ON your business: its strategy, long term goals and direction.

We invite you to take that time NOW.

Join Ava in this interactive business building intensive; developed over a decade of working hand in hand with leading yoga teachers, studios and brands on building thriving businesses and customized to your unique business.

In the pre-workshop phase, we will assess your current business’s strengths and areas of opportunity. (All yoga businesses are welcome!) Then together, in the intensive, alongside other yoga business owners, we will address these strengths & opportunities, and share strategies & resources for how to make simple shifts to get you more of what’s working, and less of what’s not. We will discuss different business strategies in the yoga space, and how to determine if these strategies are right for you to pursue.

You will walk away with the ability & inspiration to do more with the business you already have. You will walk away with a clearer vision & the tools needed to build or revise your business plan for the future. There will be time for Q&A.

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14:00 – 17:30 Uhr


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